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12 фотографий из архива Мартина Манхоффа

Майор американской армии Мартин Манхофф (Martin Manhoff) служил атташе в посольстве США в Москве с 1952 по 1954 годы, пока его не выслали из страны по подозрению в шпионаже. Более 50 лет его фотоархив пылился в шкафу, о нём не было известно специалистам. Историк Дуглас Смит обнаружил его только после смерти супруги Манхоффа.

Дуглас Смит (Douglas Smith) – историк и переводчик, автор пяти книг о России. Преподавал и читал лекции в США, Великобритании и Европе, служил переводчиком при президенте Рейгане.
на фб
Army Major Martin Manhoff served in the US embassy in Moscow from February 1952 until June 1954, when he was expelled from the USSR on charges of espionage. During his two years in the Soviet Union, Manhoff traveled widely and recorded much of what he saw on both color slides and color 16mm film. All of this material ended up in a closet in his home in Washington State where it lay unseen for over half a century.
After his wife's death, I was asked to visit the Manhoff home this past summer and see whether Martin had left behind anything of value. I was amazed at what I discovered. For the past several months I have been digitizing and organizing the photographs and films. Among the gems is approximately 15 minutes of color movie footage of Stalin's funeral taken from an upstairs window of the old US embassy in the Hotel National. There are thousand of color photographs taken on the streets of Moscow, Leningrad, Murmansk, Yalta, and at points along the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
I am now working on finding the best way to make this unique visual archive available to the public and to find a permanent home for the entire Manhoff archive.
Here are a few photographs to give you a small taste. I hope you like them. Please share and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for me.
You can contact me at info@douglassmith.info
Thank you.


Фото Douglas Smith.
Новоспасский монастырь

Вид на колокольню Новоспасского монастыря со стороны монастырского довора.

Фото Douglas Smith.

Фото Douglas Smith.
Магнитогорск. пр. Метапллургов
Фото Douglas Smith.
Фото Douglas Smith.


Фото Douglas Smith.

Фото Douglas Smith.
площадь Никитские ворота.
Фото Douglas Smith.
Киев. Крещатик угол Б. Хмельницкого

Фото Douglas Smith.

Театр Красной Армии

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